About us

KaushiTech Inc is a leading IT consultancy and Microsoft partner in Canada leveraging Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics business solutions to resolve your business challenges with effective ROI. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. We help your businesses with Office 365, Microsoft Azure cloud, Power BI, and the rest of the Power platform.

We can assist you with your Microsoft Licensing purchase and bring the value and expertise of our Small and Medium Business, Retail and Enterprise Licensing Specialists, Microsoft Support and Contracts team to ensure the maximum savings and utilization of your Microsoft contract. We are focused on building agile and customer-centric cloud solutions by bringing key technologies together with real-time business analytics.



Businesses are under turbulence in the midst of Covid-19. For organizations struggling to navigate these uncertain times we assist with remote work or cloud (SaaS) solutions. Our adept team of experts will diligently support you with the best cloud strategies to keep your business afloat.


With our DevOps consulting, we help enterprises & startups align their Development and Operations to achieve, faster time to market and quality delivery.


An all-cloud environment describes an organization or individual that uses an application for every task rather than installing software or storing data on a computer.


We manage and automate your infrastructure. Infrastructure and its configuration run as scripts and JSONs that replicate the environment in a much faster manner.


Kaushitech migration services create tailored solutions driven by a client’s desire to translate on-premise applications and data-stores, to various cloud-based infrastructures.

Why Kaushitech

KaushiTech Inc experts have a deep understanding of technology evolution’s and industry needs to empower businesses with cross-functional data management, cloud solutions, and custom development applications. Our dedicated team of technology experts ensures seamless project management and client engagement. We align our products and teams with your business goals and vision to drive tangible growth results.

  1. Stay ahead of the curve: We are pragmatic and always embrace modern methods to help businesses grow.
  2. Right fit solutions: We treat every business as a different entity and build custom solutions to resolve their challenges.
  3. Experts: Our technology experts have a decade of experience in serving clients and changing the way of doing business.
  4. Building business cases: Our diligence of cloud migration solutions help businesses with quantifiable results and growth predictions.
  5. Transparent communication: From day one, we ensure transparent and effective communication between our experts and clients.

Cloud Solutions

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enterprise Mobility Suite


How It Works

Our Approach

KaushiTech Inc believe “one size doesn’t fit all.” So, our technology experts and business mentors work closely with prospects to understand their challenges and come up with customized solutions that promise seamless growth. Our 5-phase problem-solving approach promises go-to-market solutions that make your business grow faster than earlier

Our Partners

KaushiTech Inc collaborated with global technology leaders to revamp your business’s digital landscape. Our wide range of partnerships include

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