Microsoft Azure cloud migration

KaushiTech Inc is a leading Microsoft Partner located in Canada offering the best Azure cloud migration services to transform your business’s digital landscape. We help small and mid-size enterprises to compete with leading market players and deliver top-notch services. Our proven Microsoft Azure cloud migration services assess your organization’s readiness, get all the tools, resources, and guidance to migrate your servers, apps, database, and other workloads to Azure with confidence.

Why migrate to Azure Cloud:
  1. Unmatched security: Azure cloud solutions ensure the best security compared to other platforms. We extend our relentless support to upgrade your systems regularly. 
  2. Unbeatable offers: The low cost of ownership by combining unique pricing options and extended security updates. 
  3. Innovative: We offer the best infrastructure management services to free up your time from mundane activities. 
  4. Built-in Hybrid capabilities: We seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud environments to deliver the best employee and customer experience. 
What can you migrate to the Azure cloud?
  1. Web applications.
  2. Databases.
  3. Servers.
  4. VMware infrastructure.
  5. Virtual desktop infrastructure.
  6. DevTest environments.

Are you looking for Microsoft Azure Cloud migration tools and services? Kaushi Tech solutions will help you simplify your cloud migration with Azure at competitive pricing. 

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