KaushiTech Inc is a leading cloud migration services provider in Canada, offering cloud consultation and transformation services for SMEs. We help our clients prepare through education, assessment of readiness, strategic cloud road mapping, and proper solutions. Our proven industry experience and strategies help our clients gain a competitive edge and effective ROI.

Our Cloud Migration Process

Conduct an audit of your existing business technology
software to replace, software to move to the cloud.
Time and cost analysis to avoid unforeseen disruptions.
Risks and benefits evolution.
Identify the business process that may be affected by our recommendation, and suggest modifications

Cloud Transformation Packages

Microsoft 365 Email Pilot Migration

We migrate the email accounts of a small number of users from your on-premise environment to Microsoft-365 while keeping the majority of your existing mailboxes in the on-premises mail solution. Our cloud migration services help organizations to free up their resources from time-consuming activities.

SharePoint Migration

We make file sharing and accessing easy anytime and anywhere. Our SharePoint migration services allow your teams to access files when they need and makes collaboration easy. This allows organizations to free up their time from mundane tasks.

Cloud Transformation Through Azure

We are experts in offering NestGen solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Kasuhi Tech cloud migration services follows the three-step process to migrate your existing system into Microsoft Azure. It includes
1. Azure assessment & roadmap 2. Azure pilot migration, 3. Azure deployment.

IT Roadmap

Kaushi Tech has expertise in understanding business’s short and long-term goals. We work closely with clients and help organizations choose the right technology to meet their evolving business needs. Our technology experts evaluate the current state of your organization, conduct gap analysis, and assess the technology tools required to boost your business opportunities.

Cyber security Assessment

We pay more attention to data and infrastructure security. Our cybersecurity services ensure your business operates in a secure environment and helps in mitigating potential security flaws. Our cybersecurity experts ensure 24×7 monitoring and upgrade with the latest security protocols.

IT Managed Services

Our full-scale IT managed services help organizations grow fast and deliver quality products. We have been on every side of IT managed services and digital transformation services ensuring affluent growth and competitive edge.

Are you looking for cloud migration services to drive innovation and growth? Then, discuss your project with us to gain a competitive edge over other peers.

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